Liquid Calcium w/Magnesium

To support healthy bone growth in your child.
Liquid DHA

To support your baby's brain, eye and nervous system function.
Probiotic w/ Colostrum

To strengthen and improve your baby's immune and digestive system.
Prenatal Supplement

Prenatal Supplement to help the growth of your child.
Why Choose
Mother’N Child Nutrition?
Industrial toxins are everywhere.
Our supplements help your body
return to the pureness of nature.

Mother’N Child Nutrition

Mother nature has provided the building blocks – we just put them in a package to make them easy to use. We only deal with trusted ingredients, sourced in USA under strict FDA standards.

Working out of a small town in Ohio, USA – we coordinate ingredients from across the 50 states and have the products produced in state of the art manufacturing facilities.

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Growing Children Need Proper Nutrition!
Ever wonder why we have so many more allergic illnesses, ADHD diagnosis, obesity and other
un-necessary conditions in our populations?

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We supply wholesale orders as well as retail orders to help reach as many mothers as possible.

We deliver our products fast to any where from our U.S. Office.


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